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 Networking Solutions

Networking Services

SBS Systems (U) Ltd is the leading Structured Cabling and Networking solutions provider in the country specializing in products and solutions from leading LAN and WAN Vendors. Our in-depth technical knowledge of advanced converged networking products provides expertise to our clients and system integrators at each stage of the sales process including consultancy, network design, and Warranty support.

SBS has dedicated, highly trained and certified product specialists responsible for providing data path for all communications, with well-known brands for Structured Cabling, Routing, Data Centre Solutions Switching, Internet(-working) solutions and systems integration encompassing IP and Analog voice, Audio Visual, Access control and clocking systems, IP surveillance, Project Management and consulting among others.

Our connectivity solutions cover Copper cables, Fibre cables for long distances, and wireless connectivity. With our range of high-tech modern tools and systems, you are guaranteed Zero (0) packet loss and 99.99% connection / system availability based on international standards as ISO, ANSI, and TIA/EIA etc.

Structured Cabling and Wireless Connectivity solution

Our structured cabling solution covers Fibre, Copper, and Wireless links; fully integrated as per NITA (U) standards and internationally accepted standards all aimed to guarantee zero packet loss in our clients’ LAN and WAN enterprise solutions. SBS is a certified reseller and Installer of SIEMON and GIGANET products ranging from Cables to Patch Panels, to Rack Cabinets, data and voice point accessories, PDUs. SBS (U) Ltd manages data centres in Servers and storage, cable management, and cooling features.

Routing, Switching, Security IP Telephony (VoIP)

SBS (U) Ltd is a CISCO Premier Certified Partner, which position enables us offer value for money enterprise solutions to our clients by sourcing Switches, Routers, Firewall, Access points at discounted prices all through the year while guarantying the product quality and durability. Our Certified Engineers install and configure these wonderful products to meet the clients’ specifications.
In further support, SBS (U) Ltd proposes D-LINK, AVAYA, UBIQUITI, FANVIL, Huawei and SOPHOS to our classified clients to satisfy their requirements in IP Telephony, and security in small /Enterprise switched networks.

Access Control, CCTV, Time and Attendance Systems

Using comprehensively tested products from HIK VISION, ZK TECHNOLOGIES, DAHUA and ACTi, SBS (U) Ltd designs and integrates solutions ranging from Biometric Time and Attendance, ID readers, door / room access control, security / surveillance cameras and sirens, among other security products from ZKteco, Paxton, IDEMIA, Suprema, HID, Avigilon, Impro and Acti security products.

Audio visual solutions

We are a local reseller of Professional Audio-Visual equipment of internationally recognized Brands like: TOA, Audio Technica, RME, Neutrik, Sommer cable, and SMART technologies, Revolabs, Qmatic Black Box, VIA, Sony and Optoma The proliferation of audio-visual communications technologies, including sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems, is evident in every sector of society: in business, banking, education, government, the military, healthcare, retail environments, worship, sports and entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, and museums.

We offer solutions ranging from Video distribution amplifiers, Matrix switchers, Presentation switchers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Conference systems, Control and Automation, Cables and Connectors, Wired and Wireless microphones, Megaphones, Horns, Digital signage, public address systems, IP intercom, unified Communication, Collaboration, Smart white boards and many other solutions.

There is an increase in the demand for Audio-visual solutions in every sector. The single biggest factor for this increase is the demand for networked audio-visual products due to the integration of audio-visual and IT technology. SBS Systems is embracing this opportunity by investing both financial and Human resources to be able to meet and exceed customer expectations. We offer consultation, designs for tailor made solutions to suit our clients’ ever-changing needs as well as technical support during Warranty and post warranty period


SBS Systems provides and supports companies with Collaboration software designed to maximize teamwork effectiveness by providing a central platform where employees can openly share knowledge, data, and documents to solve specific business problems or complete creative projects together. Team members interact from any location on the cloud, sparking innovation and driving progress to boost profits and company growth. The software includes Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams, zoom, google meet etc.

Eaton and Tripplite by Eaton Power Solutions

SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd is the leading distributor and service centre for Eaton and Tripp-lite by Eaton power solutions, these include UPSs ranging from 650 VA to 400 kVA and also distributor for inverters systems. Our Engineers are able to design complete power solutions for any size of organisations and install the necessary cabling and ancillary equipment.

Back-up power and UPS Systems

SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd Engineers maintain business continuity and prevent downtime, Eaton and Tripp-lite by Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of back-up power and distribution equipment, protecting you from a host of threats including power outages, surges and lightning strikes. Eaton and Tripp-lite by Eaton also provides a suite of power management products to enable you to monitor and control your power infrastructure.

Eaton and Tripp-lite by Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people everywhere. SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd is guided to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help our customers manage power today and well into the future. By capitalizing on the global growth trends of electrification and digitalization, we’re accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy and helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges.

Inverter Systems

The Eaton® Matrix™ Modular Inverter Solution is an integrated, modular max 18kVA inverter power system designed for your applications where a very high reliability AC supply is required. Industry leading power density, versatile modular design and variety of configurations make sure that the Matrix ensures reliable telecommunications and industrial AC power for you. Tripp-lite by Eaton APSX750 750W - APSX6048VRNET 6000W, APS X Series 12V DC 230V AC Inverter/Chargers are reliable power source for a wide variety of equipment ranging from power tools and portable lighting to laptop computers and sensitive monitoring equipment. With no fumes, fuel or excess noise, it’s an excellent alternative to generator power.

The DC-to-AC inverter features an automatic line-to-battery transfer switch and integrated charging system that allow it to work as a vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS. An automatic overload detector, cooling fan and resettable AC circuit breakers protect the units from damage.

Designed for easy installation in RVs, over-the-road trucks, fleet vehicles and conversion vans, the APSX750 converts stored power from any 12V battery or automotive DC source to safe, stable, computer-grade AC power for unlimited runtime. When hardwired to an external 230V AC source, the unit keeps the user-supplied battery charged via a three-stage 5/20A selectable charging system while simultaneously delivering AC power to connected equipment.

Air conditioning and Cooling

An Ideal Investment for Keeping Your Rack Equipment Cool and in Reliable Working Condition

SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd Engineers are willing to design rack-mount, Central Air Conditioner. Ductless Mini-Split. Window Air Conditioner. Portable Air Conditioner. Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner. Smart Air Conditioner, air conditioning unit pumps of close-coupled cooling into your IT equipment to prevent shutdowns, malfunctions and other failures caused by overheating and fluctuating temperatures. SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd is ready to solve your heat-related problems without requiring the heavy costs of new construction, time-consuming maintenance or installation specialists.

Saves Valuable Floor Space in Your IT Environment

The self-contained SRXCOOL7KRM chassis mounts in 8U of space at the bottom of an EIA-standard rack enclosure to save floor space in a small-to-medium-sized data center, server room or network closet. A directional output vent aims the air upward, directly at rack equipment.

Quiet, Efficient Close-Coupled Cooling Ensures the Cool Air Goes Where Most Needed

A magnetic air dam attached to the front door of the rack enclosure makes sure your rack equipment draws cool air from the SRXCOOL7KRM, rather than drawing warm air from the room. Because it only cools the equipment inside the rack enclosure, the SRXCOOL7KRM is much more efficient than solutions that cool an entire room to achieve the same result. The SRXCOOL7KRM also filters the air, and its built-in evaporator eliminates condensation with no floor drain or water collection tank needed. The unit operates quietly—about the noise level of an average office setting

Solar Systems

The ASC48-ES includes a high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function to extract the maximum available power from the solar panels. It is fully compatible with existing Eaton 3G systems such as the APS3 and APS6 systems, with a simple plug-and-go insertion and fast on-line expansion of rectifiers (hot-swap). The ASC48-ES is protected against input over-voltage, surges and over-temperature. It is rated for operation in temperatures at up to 70°C (158°F).

Power distribution unit And ATS -Auto Transfer Switch for IT equipment

Eaton and Tripp-lite by Eaton offers a full range of power distribution units or PDUs, for everything from basic rack mount models in distributed IT networks to advanced models for comprehensive monitoring and control in enterprise and co-location data centres.

Power management software

Whether you’d like to monitor a single UPS, integrate with leading virtualization platforms or monitor an entire data centre, SBS SYSTEMS (U) Ltd Engineers have a power management software solution for you. From monitoring event history and notifying you of alerts to delivering real-time status and automating issue resolution, Eaton software provides the tools needed to keep your mission critical applications running longer.

 Networking Solutions

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